Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Family at home.

Big Girls in Bigger Beds:
Jael moved on to "Sissies" room. With the exception of having the ladder removed from the top bunk, she loves it. We spend nights putting on pretend make up and playing games on the bottom bunk bed. It seems like yesterday when I was trying to get Madyson to stretch her legs to reach the planks on the bottom of the top bed only to "help" her....she no longer needs me to do that now.

Madyson got this find for $30 dollars and this is her first night in it. The mattress is a queen size and will be lent to guests when they arrive. Madyson will graciously give up her luxurious room for the top bunk with "Little Sissie".

The greatest desire of Anna and I is that they will be best of friends. Still praying for that one but it looks like they are well on their way.

Mommy and Landon:
Anna and I each have been assigned a side of Landon's digestive track. This is mom and her assigned section. Landon is lavished with affection and attention from his mother. She is an outstanding woman and mother and we are blessed daily by her.
I am spending the majority of Landon's current life on the clean up crew. Oh well that will change one day.....and I am now allowed to shop in the blue aisle at toy stores....wooo hooo!!

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