Monday, February 20, 2012

My new bunnies

Hey guys im sorry i havent been posting, but i am going to post some pic of my new baby bunnies. They are so cute, but im posting from my iPod touch. I have to figure out how to do that first

Monday, January 23, 2012

Long overdue Council update

So I am down here in Orlando FL staying at The Wilderness Lodge for business. I know that we have not posted here regularly in a while but maybe I will just need to fix that.

LANDON is now five since Jan 3 and taken up Ice Hockey. He is the fun in the house and everyone loves him. He enjoys anything Marvel, weapons, and friends. I miss him terribly while I am away and enjoy him telling me it will be "BUTT KICKING TIME" when I get back.

JAEL is now 7 (8 on May 18) and is competing Saturdays for indoor soccer. She is the innocence and joy in the house and everyone adores her heart. She enjoys friends, miss matched clothes, and her rock collection. She likes that I have to shave my beard for work and promises to smother me in kisses when I return.

MADYSON will be turning 12 by the time I return on Jan 29. She is growing up too fast and it breaks my heart. My favorite times with her are late at night while watching movies (since she cuddles with me) and tuck in time (cause we get to talk a long time). Her heart is still for God and I pray that it never changes.

ANNA is still just as beautiful as the day that I met her and I am not foolish enough to mention her age. She is a loving mother of three and tolerant wife of one. She is passionate about the Lord and fiercely loving of her family. We do not deserve and thank God daily for her.

JAMES is older and more crusty. I am blessed beyond what I deserve and not as grateful as I should be. I travel a lot for work but am looking forward to that changing.

Blessed Father Council

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Today around 10:30am-11:30am,pepper was put down.He had cancer in his rear-right leg. He has been fighting it off for a long time. It was really sad to see him go,but it had to be done. Pray for us!

Friday, September 23, 2011

@ Grandma's House

This weekend, I'm @ my grandma's house in AL with my aunt Sarah and uncle MIke ( oh and who can 4get little miss Amy Roo!?!?!?!?!) 2day we r going 2 go on a short little airplane ride. 2morrow we are going to Panama City beach then 2 Seashell Island,FL. This is going 2 b a great weekend!!!!

I'm Taking Over

Hi.My name is Madyson Council and this is now MY blog(it is still the family's,but I will be the one posting) . I will be posting pics and posts about what is happening in around the house. I'm only 11 so there won't be that many posts @ 1st but I will soon get there.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Landonisms a.k.a Landon bossoms (1-10)

Mom: So, Landon, what did you learn about in church this morning?
Landon: Don't eat the Legos.

Landon: Last night in my dream I was on a soccer ball team and you didn't wave at me or yell for me...but Aunt Sarah did. You are supposed to wave and yell for me just like Aunt Sarah.

Landon: Shake what your momma gave ya...shake what your momma gave ya

Landon: Read me Jump on me Jump on Dad!! (And of course, he gets Dr. Seuss' "Hop on Pop"!!!)

Landon (get's out of a real long bath last night and says to Daddy): Look, I got Grandpa hands.

Dad: Are you kissing my woman? (Mom kisses Landon) Are you kissing my woman again?
Landon: No she kissed me
Landon (after a while of repeating this): Daddy, she is OUR woman!!

Jael (for the 20th time in the car): What are we having for dinner?
Dad: Fried calamari, raw squid, and dead monster.
Jael: (fake squeals of terror and agony).....
Landon: I LOVE DEAD MONSTER!!.............
Landon (fast forward to the dinner table. Mom serves black beans, taquitos, and popcorn shrimp): Where's the dead monster?!

Landon (New superhero for the day): Underpants!! (formerly known as Underdog)

Landon: Dad when I grow up I want to be a fireman.
Dad: Thats great son.
Landon: Actually I want to be IRONMAN......or maybe a GIANT!!

Landon: Daddy I need a new diaper (Dad fixes the undone strap)...
Landon (later, Landon squeezes dad and proclaims): Dad, your the best dad in the whole wide world.
Dad: Your the best Landon in the whole wide world and I love you.
Landon: Then change my diaper!!

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