Saturday, March 10, 2007

Conversation of Daddy and Jael in the bathroom

Jael is getting a lot better at "going". However, there are times that she calls for mom, dad, or sissy to sit in the room with her....she has not learned to read in the bathroom like the rest of us civilized folks.

Jael: Daddy come sit with me.
Jael: Daddy you go pee pee in the potty?
Daddy: No Baby Girl....Daddy is keeping you company.
Jael: If you do, you get coffee!! (she get's lolipops for encouragement)

Jael: What's your name?
Daddy: Daddy.
Jael: What is Nich's name?
Daddy: Nich.

Jael: Hey Pee come out now!!
Jael: Daddy I all done....I try.

I have many of these and some more funny but I always seem to forget them. Thought that I would share with you here and keep it fresh in my mind.

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sarahjane said...

how is the potty training going? and how is Landon feeling? is he better yet? any new pictures?
miss you guys, sarah.