Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cypress Gardens

As part of Madyson's "best Spring Break ever" week, we surprised her with a two day trip to Cypress Gardens. We went ahead and purchased annual passes so we could go back whenever we want to. They have kiddie rides for Jael and Madyson, roller coasters for Madyson and Daddy, shows to watch, and now they even have a water park area for all of us to enjoy on our next visit.

This is how Landon spent most of his time at Cypress Gardens. He and Jael shared the was way too much walking for her to handle.

This was Jael's first attempt at riding a real roller coaster. She did fine for a few seconds, then screamed her head off until she was safe in her Daddy's arms again. Mady, thrill seeker that she is, loved every second of it!
A kind lady took a family picture for us. Before we realized Landon wasn't in it, it was over. Oh, well.
This "roller coaster" was much more Jael's speed. She could have stayed on this thing all day long and been extremely happy. Madyson was a great big sister and rode it about 10 times not only without complaints, but full of excitment as well.

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sarahjane said...

So, if Lando wasn't in the picture, where the watermelon was he???