Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sleepless in Knoxville

Well it is just me and pepper up here....two bachelors bored out of our skulls. The apartment is nice and we are keeping it clean....although one of us really messed up the carpet the other day.

Got 244,000 miles out of the truck since I got brand new 1996 in Florida....was hoping to get 500,000 miles. Might have gotten that in Florida. Not sure that a 4 cylinder was made to ever be driven in hilly Knoxville. The Lord willing, I will stick it out until she dies.

Work is going well. There is a fantastic series of events that I found out about this company that paved the way for all the conditions to be just right for us. Remind me to tell you whenever we talk (yes, I am talking to whomever is reading this).

Bought a computer desk, chair, and floor mat today. Setup the computer using a borrowed monitor from JTV (cause I forgot ours). Now I realize that I will need to borrow a keyboard tomorrow.

Been actually doing my own cooking and cleaning. Not doing too bad...hope Anna does not read this or she will expect more out of me. Desperately missing the family. Call them 4-5 times a day. Not sure what I will be like when they finally get here but happy will be a real understatement.

Might go see Pirates of the Carribean tomorrow night....wife ok'd it.

Miss everyone from Florida....especially you (yes, I am talking to whoever is reading this).

God is AWESOME!! (that word should only be used to describe Him)
Sleepless in Knoxville,
James Council


Anonymous said...

we miss you a lot too. Jael keeps asking to go to her "daddy house". Just don't leave anything cooking while you sleep on the couch! we love you so much.

sarahjane said...

don't forget about a mouse.

K and J said...

We are glad you are safe up there, and yes please don't leave anything cooking while you are sleeping on the couch. We miss you too.

Anonymous said...

AAAWWW!! you miss me too!!