Monday, June 18, 2007

Woo Hoo!!

The Family is finally here. We met in Atlanta and played with the most beautiful baby Amy in the whole world. She has grown 10 personalities since I saw her 4 weeks ago. Had a great father's day with Sara, Michael, Buddy, Carolyn, my family, Pepper, Gretchen, and Elvis Conway Shivley.

Once we got back I turned into drill Seargent Daddy and we unloaded the vehicles, cleaned up the mess we made, then went out to enjoy dinner at Red Lobster (courtesy the coolest friends in the world who thoughtfully prepared and bought us gift cards). I then drove the family over to see the YMCA, the Church/School (got to show them the VBS set before they broke it down), and went shopping at the Turkey Creek Walmart for hangers and milk.

Woke up this morning to a beautiful woman and 3 snoring kids.....the world is good again.

Rested in Knoxville,

P.S. Pray for the sale of the Florida home....or our patience for God's timing.


Anonymous said...

I miss Anna, can she come back?

K and J said...

I am so glad they are all there and your world complete again. Good feeling isn't it. Prayers are heaven bound for your needs.