Friday, July 6, 2007

Knews From Knoxville

Well, it has been almost two full weeks since we left Brandon. We seem to all be adjusting well.

Jael has gone from "I don't want to go Tennessee" to making it home. She has imaginary trips to Nick's house, has Emma baking and bringing her cookies, and takes outings to Tara's house to go swim and watch Wiggles.

Madyson still misses her friends, but receiving emails and phone calls makes them all seem a little bit closer.

Landon is missing all his "older women". He reached his half-birthday this week. For a treat we let him gnaw on my Popsicle. The girls made him a "build a bear" puppy whom we named Super Sunshine, in honor of Jael. (Jael calls Landon Superman all the time, singing "superman to the rescue". Plus, when he is upset or she simply wants to shower him with love, she sings "you are my sunshine".)

We have joined the YMCA where I now workout, Madyson goes to "Kool Kids", and Jael and Landon enjoy the nursery. The Y also offers a phenomenal outdoor pool with two water park style slides, a large kiddie pool for Landon and Jael to enjoy, and an indoor pool, too. There is a great playground on the campus where the girls can swing, slide, and climb to their little hearts desire.

Madyson and Jael have their own library cards. It is quite an experience finding books for Jael to check out and then locating books for Madyson to read as well.

Madyson is enrolled at Concord Christian School where she will start second grade. They begin school Aug. 9. She is extremely excited because they have a dress code and not a required uniform.

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