Sunday, August 12, 2007

Children's Museum at Oak Ridge

Landon sits in an old style typical chair.

Jael tries out the old fashioned children's bike in the school house.

Madyson plays the role of Mother quite well while she and Jael literally play house.

Last weekend we took the kiddos to the Children's Museum in Oak Ridge. The community transformed an old schoolhouse into a wonderful, hands-on museum complete with a space themed room complete with shuttle, , "Grandma's Attic" full of old fashioned dress up clothes, a school house room, a room that explains locks and channels and canals, a puppet show room, a rain forest room and a life size doll house plus many more areas I can't recall. The children absolutely loved it!!! We spent the better part of four hours there, taking a break for a picnic lunch at the playground.

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