Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hot Air Balloon Festival

After seeing previous American Idol contestant Carmen Rasmusen (spelling?) perform a wonderful concert,
and seeing a marvelous hot air balloon show
we got to stare at this for an hour!!!

Jael and Madyson had a wonderful time dancing to Carmen's songs. If you remember, Carmen was one of the finalists in American Idol back in 2003, I think. She was also on Celebrity Fear Factor. She gave a wonderful open air concert that was set up by one of the local radio stations on the Pellissippi college campus. Unfortunately, James ended up getting paged by work and missed the whole concert, but came back just in time to see the hot air balloon show. The radio station played 8 or 10 songs and the balloons took turns lighting up the sky. It really was a beautiful sight to see. The girls loved all the pretty colors and the fun songs. Then came the long trek back to the van. We had to lug a bag of snacks, water bottles and baby essentials, a stroller and baby, four lawn chairs and two complaining and tired girls...not the most ideal combination to go along with a very very very long walk. Once we finally got to the van, the cars were lined up like Christmas lights and not going gave a totally new meaning to the phrase "going nowhere fast". So, the girls made some friends and ran up and down the grassy nole for about 45 minutes or so. After about an hour of waiting, the line was practically all gone and we decided it was time to load the tired rug rats into the van and go home. All in all, it was a great night and a lot of fun.


Laci said...

Looks like fun!! I remember many times making new "friends" while we waited for parking lots to clear as a kid! Miss you guys :)

Anonymous said...

you guys get to do coolest stuff!