Monday, September 10, 2007

It has been one extremely sick week here in the Council house. It all started with Landon getting sick last Monday night. I thought he had just gotten a little motion sick because we were in the car driving around looking for houses when it happened. But, when he awaken Tuesday, he had fresh spit up in his hair. He continued to be sick all day Tuesday. (The picture shows how out of character he was Tuesday...the boy NEVER lays this still outside of his crib.) Then Wednesday morning rolled around and Landon felt better, but James got it. Wednesday night Jael spent the better half of the night with her head over the toilet. She was still a little sick and very lathargic (?) on Thursday. Friday afternoon rolls around, I am feeling fairly confident that we are past it all and we get a call from Madyson's school. You guessed it...she got sick in the little girl's room. She puked a few more times and then was so tired she asked to go to bed. She was totally not her happy-go-lucky self on Saturday, but she didn't get sick again. Then as if that wasn't enough, Landon gets sick again (twice!!) Saturday night. We stay home from church to ensure no other children get this nasty tummy virus and have a very healthy Sunday. Unfortunately, after Landon's lunch today, you guessed it, he got sick again. Hopefully this is the last of it.


Karen said...

Sorry to hear y'all have been so sick! It was so nice to talk with you, Anna. Our address is 10917 Carnelian Lane, Riverview, FL 33578.


K and J said...

COOTIES ARE AWFUL! I hope they are gone!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the yuckys at the Council home!!

I pray you are over the hump with it all!!

What's the latest on your Valrico house?