Sunday, October 28, 2007

...We Reside in Tennessee

Well, we made it...barely!! It took us about 12 1/2 hours; opened my front door at 1:39am!

Florida, thanks for a wonderful week. We loved visiting with family and friends. It was great seeing how much all the children had grown up and how much some adults had changed, and how some adults looked exactly the same. It is hard to believe it has really been four months. We miss everyone so much.

Many thanks to Grandma Drake who kept Madyson for three and a half days and tried to keep a homesick Jael. Mady had a blast over there!!

A very special thanks to those that helped me pack up the kitchen on Tuesday (Cindy and Karen)...there is no way I could have done it by myself!!!

Also, muchas gracias to all the wonderful chefs who cooked us dinner (Bird's, David, Nassar's, Snapp's (though China Buffet cooked, the fellowship was memorable!!), Hotel Fosbrink, and Melissa).

Principal Woodard and staff, thanks so much for allowing Madyson to come into your lunchroom and classroom and disrupt your schedule for a little. It choked me up when all those little girls jumped Mady and yelled "Mady came back!! Mady is back!!" She has wonderful friends and really enjoyed her lunchtimes and Fun Friday. Donna is the best school house chef EVER!!! Horsey-Pony!!! And Mrs. Colon is the best would-have-been second grade teacher.

We owe all our friends more than we can ever repay. Just know, the Council B & B is open to anyone who wants to drive 12 hours with stops (unless you have an unmarked police car and can speed through GA waving at all the state troopers with radar detectors!! you know who you are).

I will post pictures later on today, unless I get held up at the house unloading and unpacking.


Laci Strickland said...

Yey! I'm excited for you guys that things are starting to settle down..I know you are ready to feel at home again :) We miss you!!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely blessed with many friends, how cool is that?!!

i hope you have fun settling into your new home. Hope you post pics soon!!
And Fred & I may take you up on the B&B offer!!