Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Car Ride Home from AWANA

Jael: Where did we get this baby?
Mom: God gave us Landon, Jael. God gave us you to.
Madyson: God gave you me to.
Dad: No Gypsies gave you to us.

: Mommy, are we almost home yet?
Dad: No
Jael: You are not a mommy. You are a daddy and she is a mommy.

Dad: Madyson, when I get back from Florida we get to go to IHOP.
Jael: Me to?
Dad: Yes.
Jael: And Landon and Mommy to?
Dad: Nah....if they go, we do not get as many pancakes.
Jael (dramatic pause): Yeah....I like pancakes!!


K and J said...


The Nassars said...

I posted something on htis a couple of days ago but it's not here, so here I go again!

I love the "car" conversations! I miss the ones I had with Steven & Savanna!

AND I will be posting after we celebrate Steph's Bday today in Orlando!!

Jason Ebeling said...

Love the "gypsies" idea. Maybe that's where we got Hannah.....hmmm?

Household6 said...

What is it with parents and claiming we came from the gypsies? *giggle* Very cute travel story.