Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dogs Will Be Dogs

We took the dogs to the PetSafe Dog Park. They had a blast in the cold playing with all the other dogs and the other people too. Big dogs, small dogs, big people, small people, girls, boys...they didn't care! They loved it!! The kids, however, did not. J was soooo excited when we told her we were going. But, when we got there and had been outside for all of two minutes the water works started..."I'm cold! I wanna go home!" So, she ended up sitting in the car for a few minutes. Then Mady decided she wanted to join her in the car. A few minutes later Landon is crying uncontrolably. James decides to take the kids and get some dinner and then come back for me and the dogs. By the time James got back, my toes were all but frostbit; and yes I had boots and socks on! But it was all good and so worth it. We got home, ate dinner, bathed the dogs and are now relaxing until Landon goes to bed in about 5 minutes or so.


The Nassars said...

Doggie Park, ha! Wait till I tell Fred about this!

The Nassars said...

Ok, I really hope you knew I was kidding about the working thing! I should pray for you every day with what you have to deal with on a daily basis! : James