Saturday, February 2, 2008

Madyson's First Karate Tournament

Madyson competed in three of the four divisions: forms, XMA, and sparring. There were ten children in her beginners class and four in her height division. She tied for third place in forms, got second place in the XMA competition and tied for third in the sparring.

Below is her forms; being an orange belt, she did form #2.

This is her XMA admission. I didn't even know she could do a handstand. After the competition, she admitted to me that she didn't know she could do one either!!!

Here is one of her sparring events. She first sparred with a girl and then sparred against a boy. I bet this brings new meaning to the phrase "you fight like a girl"!!

All participants received a trophy. Madyson had a blast and we will definitely be competing in future tournaments. And, this time we will be more prepared for what is to come.

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