Thursday, March 20, 2008


James went to Hobby Lobby and bought the girls some cool things to try and do over Spring Break.Madyson received a circuit kit which has 101 projects. They range from turning on a light to turning a motor to making noises. The two of them have completed at least half of the projects already. She is really enjoying these projects and the one on one time with D-A-D. By the way, my awesome husband bought me those flowers! Ain't he a sweetie.

Jael received a Rock Tumbler which polishes and smooths rocks. The concept is really cool, however, it is like watching very noisy grass grow very slow. It is a four step process, each step taking between 2 and 7 DAYS to complete. She is enamored with the whole thing however. I don't get it. But, it makes her happy so it makes me happy.

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