Thursday, April 3, 2008

From Pink Eye to Strep

This whole health fiasco started with Madyson coming down with Pink Eye the first day of her Spring Break. We got her on eye drops quickly. Then I had it so I simply "stole" some from Madyson. Then we went to Elba for Easter and forgot her eye drops. I quickly called the pediatrician who called one into Walgreens. We stopped in Troy, AL at the local Walgreens and had it transferred there. We then get home and James ends up getting it in one eye and giving it to a co-worker. The following week he gets it in the other eye and ends up getting a second co-worker infected. AGHHHHHHH!!! And that's just the first half of the story.

Monday I go to get Landon up from his nap and he has puked everywhere...however there was no fever, no change in appetite, no behavior problems, NOTHING. Tuesday I get him up in the morning only to find out he had gotten sick AGAIN. Still, no other symptoms. Wednesday night I went to put him to bed and this time he got sick on me!! The finally straw was this morning when he couldn't hold done his banana and it came up PINK! So off the the pediatrician who ends up noticing his throat is a little red. Sure enough, he was diagnosed with Strep. I had to call the gym and the AWANA host church to let them know that Landon was sick and there about feeling bad!

Hopefully, Lord willing, this one doesn't spread through the family, too.


The Nassars said...

I'm so sorry to hear that!! I pray everyone is back to their old "anwry" selves soon!

Randy, Laci, and Ella Strickland said...

Yuck! When it pours!! Hope everyone starts feeling betters soon!!

sarahjane said...

poor Yando!!! I'm sorry. Amy is blowing him kisses.