Saturday, April 26, 2008

God Rocks!!

James and Jael left early this morning for the Franklin Graham Festival in downtown Knoxville, TN. On the way in, she stopped off to get her face painted by one of the twenty-some-odd clowns that were stationed around the entrance. They got there about an hour or so before the concert started and it was a good thing too. They announced that God Rocks would not be around after the show for autographs, but if you went over to the left of the stage, they would be able to sign them beforehand. James jumped up and sprinted over there and ended up being the first in line. (The baggied-paper she is clutching onto for dear life is the autographed paper.)

Dad even told them that all she wanted for her birthday was a baby dragon. (Story: If you are not familiar with this reference, in one of their very first DVD's the four band memebers were in a library, the woman researching and the three guys talking about the armor of God. One of the band members sees a mouse and has this massive daydream that he is a knight in shining armor saving the princess from an evil dragon. Well, the mouse is what they refer to as the baby dragon. We'll just have to wait and see if she actually gets one...I have severe reservations with this request, though it does make an awesome story.)

To learn more about God Rocks! see here:

To learn more about the festival see here:


Jason Ebeling said...

James running? SPRINTING? now that's a story...

but what a great dad. We'd do anything for our kids wouldn't we?

Randy, Laci, and Ella Strickland said...

What a fun time!! I know Randy can't wait to take Ella out on some Daddy/daughter dates! Those memories you are making with J will last a lifetime!! :)