Sunday, April 20, 2008

Once again, no pictures, but a cool story

Daddy took Madyson to see Superchick among other bands in concert at the Knoxville Christian Center Saturday night. She was able to have several of the band members sign a poster for her, pre-order a CD that will be signed and addressed to her as well as mailed directly to her, and a T-shirt (it says "Little Miss Superchick" with a "Mr. Men" cartoon-type character on it).

She also discovered a new female artist that she now loves, Britt Nicole. Madyson was able to purchase one of her posters and got her sign it as well. She even got a little surprise for her BFF in Florida. (Shanna, watch your mailbox this week...hopefully I can make it to the post office at some point in time...she got Abbey an "adograf"; don't pick on my baby, that's a hard word for a second grader to spell!!)

One cool unexpected surprise was that they actually sat next to the drummer's mom of a group called Disciple. The mom noticed Mady covering her hears and complaining about how loud some of the early bands were and knew there was no way she would make it through her son's portion of the concert without ear plugs. So, Mady got a free set of ear plugs from her.

She and dad had a wonderful time and Madyson came home one tired little girl. Between Spar Wars, shopping, the new student luncheon at karate, an all-day play date with her new friend and then this 3 and a half hour concert, she was dog tired come 10:45 when she finally made it home and to bed.

I will have to insist that James take the camera with him when he takes Jael to see God Rocks! at the Franklin Grahm Festival on Saturday morning and again when he takes Madyson to see Toby Mac that your heart out Fred!!

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The Nassars said...

Fred says :b

actually, he doesn't think he could get through a Toby Mac concert live. He likes the CDs so he can skip the ones he's not fond of...
But it's cool he made it to one of your blogs!!! :)