Friday, May 30, 2008

FBC's Mini Soccer Camp

After being the number one bench warmer the first day, she semi-warmed up to the idea of constantly being in motion for two hours. I guess 35 running, screaming kids were quite intimidating that first day. She still needed some encouraging and prodding, but she persevered and did pretty good. We are very proud of our soccer girl. I guess I am on my way to joining Valerie and the soccer mom club.

Here she is proudly displaying her certificate:

Here she is posing with the coach of Team Shark Bait (don't ask, I missed the first day when the teams were named...that is one story I wish I knew how it went):


Kbear and Jman said...

Why didn't I ever have cute coaches like that???? DANG. So SOCCER STAR!!!!

The Nassars said...

Soccer is great!! And I loved it when Andy was little. It was more of a "let's have fun" and less "let's kill each other"...