Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm a Believer

We have finally had it with our dogs getting out and roaming the neighborhood (Pepper has been hit by a car in Florida, and Paco mauled by a pit bull in Tennessee). Anna's parents have had great success with their Petsafe Wireless Containment System and now .... so do we. This is day one of Pepper's training. We just have to watch that Paco does not chew it off of Pepper (he has chewed 2 of his own harnesses off his own body):

This is Pepper's first reaction

This is Pepper's third reaction


The Nassars said...

I could hear Fred laughing across the house with your video :)

But for the record, I think it's a good idea and will keep the dogs safe

The Nassars said...

Doggie story:
Steph was at the "doggie park" with Bella today and a little dog came up to Bella, sniffed her face, then jacked up her leg and peed on her face!! Steph was mad!(I thought it was funny!)
have you ever heard of a dog doing that?

Council Family said...

Yes I have heard of it. Pepper does it to the next door dogs through the chained link fence when we go walking....they always fall for it though.


Jim Bird said...

That is a new level of awesomeness!

Jason Ebeling said...

Ok, be honest....did you try it out yourself?

Council Family said...

There are more than enough YouTube videos to disuade me of that.