Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Somehow I managed to lose two and a half days of pictures...I have no clue how that happened. If I find them, I'll edit this post at a later date; it is beyond time to move on.

Well, to start things off, we had no electricity and no water. We later found out that there had been a car accident and the car had knocked down an electrical pole. We ordered pizza from the local pizzaria and had the guys pick it up when they went to the grocery store to buy cereal and such for breakfast and to pick up some candles just in case the power didn't make it on by sunset. Luckily, power was restored by then. The adults enjoyed a nice evening conversing while the children played upstairs.


This morning the four ladies had a whole lot of fun shopping for huge meals. We did have a detailed list that we pretty much stuck to. I never realized how much food it was going to take to make lunches and dinners, but we made it work. I think Food City will not be forgetting us for a while.
After lunch we took the kiddos to the pool and had loads of fun. We swam and chatted and splashed up a storm.
Dinner was lots of organized chaos, too. But I must admit, my enchiladas and soft tacos were a big hit. Once the 17 children were tucked into their various beds, we decided it would be a wonderful idea to plan for Tuesday. We all decided to go for a nice (stroller and toddler friendly) hike up to see a waterfall then go for a picnic lunch.


Even though we all loved the trail and seeing the waterfall was loads of fun, I do believe playing in the river at the state park that afternoon stole the show.

This last picture has an awesome caption:
It's a good thing God didn't call James to part the Red Sea and lead the Israelites across!!


The Nassars said...

that water looks wonderful!! Man, we are supposed to go to Texas for vacation this year and I SO want to go back to the mountains!! :(

Council Family said...

You are welcome back anytime!!