Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Two for One

No it's not a buy one get one free sale, but it's a read one blog and get two stories event.

First, Madyson lost her first molar right before her Brazilian Jui Jitzu class...I never can spell that word right so I call it BJJ. I later told her she should have waited until during class to loose it and then give Master Butturini a guilt trip!

She was eating a starburst candy and all of a sudden the chewy candy tasted really funny. Being the totally gross girl that she is, she takes the candy out of her mouth. She noticed that there was a bit of blood mixed in with it, began to freak out and then she noticed the tooth mixed in with the ooey-gooey mess. I opted not to photograph that disgusting glob of nastiness!

Second, Madyson took her 18th BJJ class today so she received her third tip for her belt. Here are a few pictures of her and her instructor, Master Butturini.

Here she is winning...

Here she is loosing...

and here she is winning.

Three Tips for Madyson!!

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