Thursday, September 18, 2008

3 Days

The weather here has been FANTASTIC!!! We have had the A/C off, windows open and fans twirling for three days now...gotta love not living in Florida; though I must admit, I do miss my friends! Can't wait to see y'all! However, I think tomorrow may be a bit warmer; we may be closing those windows tomorrow and paying the electric company again real soon.


Kbear and Jman said...

Mine has been off a few days too. Windows open at night fans going. WONDERFUL!

The Nassars said...

I am SO READY for that down here!!! Today actually started with a nice cool breezy morning. Good thing, too, because our school had no air conditioning for better part of the day... we had to "take a walk" around campus just to cool off.
I'm jealous!!