Saturday, September 13, 2008

Karate Promotion Ceremony

Most all our readers know by now that Mady is a karate girl and she definitely kicks booty!! Friday night we had our latest promotion ceremony and Mady progressed to the level of High Green. She still has at least another year or so, but as the sign in the background reads, as long as she never quits, she will be a Black Belt!

Before the ceremony:
During the forms:
After the new belt was given:

We are very proud of our Mady and all the students, kids and adults, that promoted to the next level. Congrats!!!


The Nassars said...

is James still doing it too?

Council Family said...

Yes, he got his high green belt and I received my gold belt (2nd).

Dean and Mary said...

Congrats to all the members of the Council family on attaining the next level of belts. I'm proud of all of you. Way to go Mady. You are an awesome girl and a wonderful christian young lady. Love and miss you all!