Thursday, October 30, 2008

How creative can one girl be!?!

First, yesterday in class, Jael learned about the safeness of safety belts. Her teachers had the students draw a face on an egg and then decide whether or not to use the safety belt. Jael of course chose yes because she knows her mommy always insists that she wear them. Her egg stayed intact so she got to bring it home. She told me she named her egg, whatelse but "Foster Egghead" and that she wanted a picture with him before she ATE HIM FOR LUNCH!!!
Here she is trying on her version of her Halloween costume...a KARATE FAIRY!! At first it was to be a Karate Tinker Bell, but she had way too many cute pink accessories already in her dress up box, so she decided to be "The Pink Karate Fairy"!!! She is definitely one in a million! The absolute hilarious part of this outfit is the white fuzzy hand warmer. Monday morning our karate instructor was in a motorcycle accident and severely bruised his shoulder. Consequently, his left arm is in a sling. Notice, now, that the hand warmer is not a hand warmer any longer, but a sling!!! On her left arm, no less!!!


The Nassars said...

oh, your house is hillarious!!

Dean and Mary said...

When Adam was home for the summer, he took a permanant marker and made faces on my eggs and then put them back in the box. When I went to crack them open, I had faces staring at me with open mouths and closed eyes. I just about died.
I see Jael takes after James. LOL

Laci Strickland said...

Ah, never a dull moment!! She is so cute. I think these pictures need to re-surface sometime around..hmm..maybe her first date!! ;)