Saturday, November 22, 2008

Karate Promotion

Well, it that time again. Madyson passed her forms tests and her physical tests this past week and she received her PURPLE belt this afternoon! GO MADY!!! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU SWEETHEART!!! James and I also passed our series of tests and received our new belts, too; James earned his purple belt and I my orange belt.

Our school had 16 students, kids and adults, receive their Black Belts and two students received their Second Degree Black Belts. Then, to the surprise of EVERYONE in attendance, Master Butturini honored his son Robert with a Fifth Degree Black Belt making him now MASTER Butturini instead of Mister Butturini!! And when I say everyone I mean NOBODY knew but him...Robert didn't even know! It was so neat seeing him honored that way. He truly deserves it for all the hard work and dedication he puts into his own training and the training of all the students in the school.

OK, here's what everyone wants--the pictures!!!

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Sorry they aren't the best in focus but, it is what it is. Gymnasiums are notorious for bad lighting..gyms and sanctuaries alike!!

Mady and Mrs. Galvin

Mady, Landon, Jael and Alec...Landon simply LOVES this little boy

Mady and friend Isabella

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Laci Strickland said...

Way to go, all of you!! That's awesome!!