Thursday, November 13, 2008

Layoff or Blessing?

Yesterday myself and others were laid off from Jewelry Television. I have nothing bad to say about my former employer. They honored my contract and gave me a 90 day severence plus 2 weeks.

Now for those of you concerned about us, rest your concerns. Anna has already stepped up to fill the void of my missing management structure. She has me working on the garage, the craft room, shuttleing the kids, etc... Come to think of it, I do need your prayers, for a new boss!!

Just to show you how awesome God is: I came home yesterday after the layoff (it was not a surprise as God prepared me for it in ways that I can not tell), I took a nap (big surprise to those who know me). When I woke up, there were 2 offers waiting for me in my inbox.

For thos interested, here are the news articles about my company and it's competitors. I view it as a blessing that I am getting out of the retail industry during this economic crisis:


Jim Bird said...

Dude, I have met your boss. Nice lady, but yeah, I'll be praying.
At least now you have time to work Walk Through Bethlehem!


The Nassars said...

I am jealous of your 'peace of mind'.
Will pray for your family and that God CONTINUES to provide.
BTW, not really liking the new profile... kinda plain. James, now that you have so much free time, why don't you jazz it up? :)

Kbear and Jman said...

Well one comment above helps me to realize it wasn't just me that said HEY, where did the color go. I am constantly amazed at the way God works and how he lays things out in His plan. I will pray that the right job offer is the one that comes....... or that you choose.

Council Family said...

The reason for the lack of interesting background was so James could fit the scroll-screen thingy in there. We will re-design it after everyone has a chance to scroll through the three articles...maybe sometime early next week.

Gentzlers said...

We will be praying for you also. What a testimony you have showing others the peace of God in your life!