Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun

Thanks to a bag of hand-me-downs from Foster, all three of my children now have oversized Narnia nightshirts. We had them all wear it in honor of the Council premiere of Prince Caspian. Obviously, Landon didn't make it through the whole movie. And with the exception of being removed for the "White Witch scene", Jael made it through the whole movie.


Upon arriving home from church this afternoon, we noticed we had a visitor. He had a vaccination tag, but no name tag or contact information. So, James allowed Landon to follow him around our front yard for a little while. Oddly enough, the basset hound kept walking into our open garage and making his way to the home access door. And, of course, all this had to happen while he was in his Christmas suit, making it all the more memorable.

While we were all in our Christmas best, I figured I'd make James set up the camera and stand so we could take a nice family picture...AGAIN! I know we did this last week, but, hey, 'tis the season, right? Plus, this time we managed to get Nan in the picture. With the exception of Mady smiling so hard her neck muscles are tight, it is a picture perfect picture.


Dean and Mary said...

what a great family pic!!! I'm glad you got Nan in this one. It's one for the memory book. And Mady looks beautiful as always. Smilin' hard or not. Of course I'm way biassed. : )

The Nassars said...

did the dog find his way back home? looks like he was fertilizing your flowers...

Great family pic!