Monday, December 8, 2008


The adult choir, middle school and high school choir, and children's choir put on a wonderful Christmas performance this weekend. It made for one extremely busy and late nighted week for Mady, but I think it was worth it. Sunday they had practice until 9, Monday again until 9, a make up Karate class on Tuesday night, another choir practice on Wednesday that lasted until 9:30, another make up Karate lesson on Thursday night, her Jiu Jitzu class and then a performance Friday night, an all day trip to Atlanta on Saturday (see yesterdays two posts) and then Sunday we sandwiched church, an Eagle Scout graduation ceremony, and another performance into our schedule. All this made for one exhausting week, but she did good and performed wonderfully, so I guess it was well worth the juggling of our usual schedule. Here are a few pictures and I think I'll probably post a video or two of the four songs the children's choir sang a little later on today.
The Little Drummer Boy
Mary's Baby Boy


The Nassars said...

they had wardrobe changes? cool!
how big is their kids choir? is it broken up in grade levels?

Council Family said...

They stayed in their black turtle necks and black slacks and changed accessories. They wore a blue scarf for one song, a very festive gold and red number for a song, a plaid belt for one of their numbers and I think just the solid black for the last one.

Expedition Praise is from first grade thru fifth grade and Fusion is the middle school and high school kids...their is easily 150 kids in the combined choir.