Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This belt promotion changes EVERYTHING!! With the blue belt, Madyson is now required to take the advanced classes!! That means a new schedule for me to figure out...oh joy. But we are soooo incredibly proud of our little lady, that I will do it with pride and maybe a forced excitement.

James unfortunately couldn't be there since he had to be in FL this week, so I called him on the cell phone when I knew it was coming and he got to hear the applause and the kind words Ms. Koza said to Madyson as she awarded her the belt. So I had the cell phone stretched out over my head with my right hand while I was filming it with my left. I know I had to have looked funny, but it was well worth it to have daddy "there".

Well, I gots to get Lando to bed before I leave to go pick up the girls from AWANA.

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Laci Strickland said...

Way to go Maddy!! That's awesome!!!