Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Landon sayings

1) I had to take the doggies to the vet on Thursday morning for their annual check up and shots. The ladies had me weigh the dogs on the oversized scale which is right in the front center of the lobby. Once Paco and Pepper get off, Landon chimes in with "me, too; me, too; me too" and hops up there. We had time to burn before the room was ready for us so I weighed both Landon and Jael. Landon, just over 26 months, weighed in at 30 pounds where as Jael, who turns 5 in May, weighs only 38 pounds.

2) Landon and I went to Target yesterday morning in between dropping off the girls at school and my karate class...he loves to look at all the movies, books and toys, even if we don't buy a single thing! So, we get up to the automatic doors which he can now open by himself, and he spreads his arms wide and yells at the top of his lungs "open Sesame Street!!!" and of course he says it again for the second set of doors, "open Sesame Street!!!"

3) James and I generally let the girls pray for our dinner meal so they will be comfortable with the whole idea of prayer. Well, Jael recently learned a sing-song prayer from her friend Foster. Now, after Jael is done praying, Landon has to say it too. "God uh fod-der, God uh fod-der...hehehe...AMEN!!!!!" (translated reads: God our Father, God our

4) At the playground this morning, he followed J around like a lost little puppy wanting to do everything she did...even slide down the gi-normus windy slide. He did it and jumped up so proud of himself saying " I did it, I did it".

5) Whenever I put Landon down for a nap I always "sing" You are my Sunshine and we laugh and dance and have a ball. Today, he said "no sunshine...Bob". So, I am sitting there desparately trying to remember the lyrics to the VeggieTales theme song. We got through it and he said "tank ooo, uv ooo, ite-ite" (thank you, love you, night-night"

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