Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nan's Birthday Party

Nan's birthday is actually tomorrow the 24th, but the kids will be at the church for PNO (Parent's Night Out) and James is flying home, so we'll be out on a dinner date...look out Maryville, here come the party animals, right!?!

I decided "why make a cake with a demanding four year old and sick toddler when Wal-Mart has some on the "oops, we over baked 40% off rack"!!!

Here are the pictures from the family party:

A very grateful and surprised Nan

the girls had to be in it too
Mady made her a card
she couldn't leave TN without some orange and white
thought a nice fitted jacket might be a good addition to her wardrobe

she insisted on wearing the UT shirt right away

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Dean and Mary said...

Happy Birthday Nan!!! So glad you got to celebrate with the Councils. I'm sure they made it fun for you.