Friday, May 1, 2009

Week #1 without James

  • Monday went good--Karate for Madyson and home for dinner (actually it was breakfast!!)
  • Tuesday was ok--Mady and the neighbor girl had a big drama queen moment, but it got resolved and all is well.
  • Wed was easy--Karate for Mady, Bo for me, and AWANA for the girls! Yeah for busyness!
  • Thursday was exhausting--both Mady and I took a third karate class so we could go ahead and test for our next belt in Karate and we called daddy to celebrate. I also got a shot of Landon "chewin' de fat". To top it off, Mady had an impossible time falling asleep due to Friday's planned school field to the zoo.
Landon talking to daddy

Madyson with her new hi-blue belt and Ms. Koza

Mommy with her new green belt and Mady with her new hi-blue belt

  • Woke up to a rainy Friday. I spent the morning shopping: I got me a bathing suit and wrap, Nan a graduation present, and a few small things for Jael for her birthday which will be from the siblings. Found out that Mady's zoo field trip was CANCELLED due to the rain this morning...they are going to try and reschedule it for next Wednesday. After bringing Nan home, we took Mady to her BJJ class and then came home to a pancake dinner. Tonight's plan include watching part 1 of 3 of the Fairly OddParent's "Wishology" movie. We'll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings; I'll letcha know--eventually!!

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