Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On the road again...

I found it quite amazing how many other bozos were on the road at 5:15 in the morning! We got to the Atlanta Bypass about 8:15. By the time we reconnected with I-75, I was ready for a bathroom break and some more coffee...alas, both children were snoozing!! They woke up about the time we got to Forsyth, so we ate at Mikey D's and stretched a bit.

We made it to the border and picniced at the welcome center. There, we ran into a couple on vacation for North Carolina whom I learned were headed to Lakeland. Small world!!

The kids took a little nap after lunch and we pulled into King's Avenue Baptist Church at 4:15pm. We visited with a few people there then went to eat pizza at a pizzaria.

We got back to the church about 6 and fellowshipped for about an hour then went to Coldstone's for some ice cream and laughs with the Whitakers and the Woodards. It got a bit crowded there so we left and got some coffee.

Today, we went to Grandma Drake's to see Sadie, swim in the pool, and have lunch.

**I have decided I didn't miss the humidity at all, missed the traffic even less, don't care to ever see a love bug, mosquito, or palmetto bug EVER again, but it sure is good to catch up with old friends!!

I promise to post pictures whenever I get the chance


Gentzlers said...

Is this just for fun or did the house sell?


Dean and Mary said...

We're glad you're here. : ) I don't like those things either. I hope you have a great time while you're here.

Council Family said...

Kathy--no the house didn't sell yet; this was for also happened to be KABC's VBS.
Mr and Mrs. Village Inn--we are glad you are glad that we are here