Friday, July 3, 2009

Busy, busy day

James and Mady left this morning for D.C. with a cab full of junk food, soda, directions, and travel books...and some clothes too! Taking Landon to the doc. this morning to get his ears cleaned out; he has deep thick wax build up and James is oober-worried about it. Then, during his naptime, I'm taking Jael to see Monsters vs. Aliens at the dollar theater. Once Landon wakes up I may take them out for a while and go shopping!! (Just don't tell's always better to ask forgiveness than permission AND it's always better to start a story with "I saved you "x amount"...") Then, tonight, a local church is doing a fireworks and mini-carnival starting at 7pm. Hopefully, within all that chaos, I will find some time to post FL pictures to make my parents happy!!

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