Sunday, April 11, 2010

Landonisms a.k.a Landon bossoms (1-10)

Mom: So, Landon, what did you learn about in church this morning?
Landon: Don't eat the Legos.

Landon: Last night in my dream I was on a soccer ball team and you didn't wave at me or yell for me...but Aunt Sarah did. You are supposed to wave and yell for me just like Aunt Sarah.

Landon: Shake what your momma gave ya...shake what your momma gave ya

Landon: Read me Jump on me Jump on Dad!! (And of course, he gets Dr. Seuss' "Hop on Pop"!!!)

Landon (get's out of a real long bath last night and says to Daddy): Look, I got Grandpa hands.

Dad: Are you kissing my woman? (Mom kisses Landon) Are you kissing my woman again?
Landon: No she kissed me
Landon (after a while of repeating this): Daddy, she is OUR woman!!

Jael (for the 20th time in the car): What are we having for dinner?
Dad: Fried calamari, raw squid, and dead monster.
Jael: (fake squeals of terror and agony).....
Landon: I LOVE DEAD MONSTER!!.............
Landon (fast forward to the dinner table. Mom serves black beans, taquitos, and popcorn shrimp): Where's the dead monster?!

Landon (New superhero for the day): Underpants!! (formerly known as Underdog)

Landon: Dad when I grow up I want to be a fireman.
Dad: Thats great son.
Landon: Actually I want to be IRONMAN......or maybe a GIANT!!

Landon: Daddy I need a new diaper (Dad fixes the undone strap)...
Landon (later, Landon squeezes dad and proclaims): Dad, your the best dad in the whole wide world.
Dad: Your the best Landon in the whole wide world and I love you.
Landon: Then change my diaper!!

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