Monday, January 23, 2012

Long overdue Council update

So I am down here in Orlando FL staying at The Wilderness Lodge for business. I know that we have not posted here regularly in a while but maybe I will just need to fix that.

LANDON is now five since Jan 3 and taken up Ice Hockey. He is the fun in the house and everyone loves him. He enjoys anything Marvel, weapons, and friends. I miss him terribly while I am away and enjoy him telling me it will be "BUTT KICKING TIME" when I get back.

JAEL is now 7 (8 on May 18) and is competing Saturdays for indoor soccer. She is the innocence and joy in the house and everyone adores her heart. She enjoys friends, miss matched clothes, and her rock collection. She likes that I have to shave my beard for work and promises to smother me in kisses when I return.

MADYSON will be turning 12 by the time I return on Jan 29. She is growing up too fast and it breaks my heart. My favorite times with her are late at night while watching movies (since she cuddles with me) and tuck in time (cause we get to talk a long time). Her heart is still for God and I pray that it never changes.

ANNA is still just as beautiful as the day that I met her and I am not foolish enough to mention her age. She is a loving mother of three and tolerant wife of one. She is passionate about the Lord and fiercely loving of her family. We do not deserve and thank God daily for her.

JAMES is older and more crusty. I am blessed beyond what I deserve and not as grateful as I should be. I travel a lot for work but am looking forward to that changing.

Blessed Father Council

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Valerie said...

the difference between men and women, men are short and to the point! haha

good reading and catching up with the Councils! I am so grateful for Facebook and staying in touch with great friends!

Looking for you next month in Florida!