Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The mircale of Anna and Landon

Although the mouth looks like it was donated by me (since it is open in this picture), Landon is actually starting off to be a quiet baby. He is earily quite at times and content with just looking around. Even now as I type this message, he is contently wrapped up looking around with the hiccups while Momma sleeps. Not sure if this is the quite before the storm or Anna's contribution to the gene pool.

Momma did fantastic. The nurses and doctor were impressed with how fast she progressed after the water broke. They actually turned off the pitocin. The pain at times was unbelievable (before the drugs) but she still managed to crack jokes at times. When it was time to push, three sets of pushes was all she needed (cause she was really devoted to it). She is an awesome woman and I am trully blessed to be married to her.

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