Thursday, January 4, 2007

Landon meets his sisters

I picked up Jael from the gracious Brown household from her exciting two night sleep over. On the way over, we rehearsed that she now was a big sister to her little brother. She did not really understand and asked if we were going to "hear the babies heartbeat." Once she saw her baby brother she got it and spent her hours kissing and loving on the new Council.

Madyson was brought over by the gracious Snapps from her exciting two night sleep over. She immediately took to her little brother. Landon showed his affection by rooting on her cheek.

Landon has lost 10 ounces but we have been told that he is well within the 10% range and we should not be alarmed. There was some debate today on his length but a wise nurse told us that the initial length is subjective and different people will get different lengths based on their technique and that we should accept the first measurement. Her assessment is that he is a long baby.
We are praying for another long rest if possible tonight. We entertained a lot of guests today and the rest would be appreciated for momma.

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