Thursday, August 30, 2007

The New Karate Girl

After many tears, fears, and frustrations, Mady agreed to give Kararte a chance. A girlfriend from our church invite her to their open house for a free lesson. Mady enjoyed herself, so we accepted the free private evaluation. During this 25 minute introduction, she managed to break her very first board and I really regreted not having my camera for that! She showed up for her first official class and I snapped away to try and make up for my big oops. She did pretty good with the Karate stuff, but Dad has to work with her and teach her how to do proper push ups and crunches. Still, she thoroughly enjoyed herself. And to top it off, she earned her white belt. We are all very proud of her. We will take our next lesson Saturday morning and starting next week go Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. If she seems to be really wanting to pursue this and stick to it, we may up her to three lessons a week.

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