Monday, September 10, 2007

Here is the proudest set of Grandparents I have ever seen. Labor Day weekend the whole Shivley family came to Knoxville. Sarah, Mike and Amy came for the UT Alumni game and mom and dad couldn't bear the thought of missing seeing all four grandkids, since it was grandpa's birthday, he wanted to make he got his birthday cake and presents!!! Even though he did have a marvelous coconut cake (thanks Mike and Sar!!) and got several gifts, I think the thing he treasured most about this weekend was having his girls and Landon (and the sons-in-law, too) all under one roof.

Since the bbq chicken was going to be spicy, we took advantage of the massive amount of people here and made the pizza kit James was conned into getting, I mean willingly purchased, from a coworker for his daughter's school. All, I have to say about school fundraisers is what goes around, comes around. The pizza was delicious and the girlies had a fun time making it, especially with grandma's help.

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