Sunday, October 14, 2007

Children's Museum in Chattanooga

After eyeing this museum last weekend, we had to take the trek back and try it out. We picniced on the front steps and then went inside with full children tend to act better when they aren't hungry. Madyson loved the magnetics board while daddy and Jael built the arch. (Dare I call it Jael's Arc, or would that just be a horrible pun!?! At least she doesn't require two of every animal.) Then we progressed to the air pressure room and couldn't resist sticking their head in the air flow. Finally we went to the dinosaur exhibit where Mady and Jael loved the giant sandbox. Unfortunately, Landon didn't feel the same way!

We also did the arts and crafts rooms, the music rooms, and the playgrounds. We left around three and before we hit the interstate, Jael and Landon were both fast asleep. It all made for a great day. Now, we just have to make it to and from Valrico next week...I am not sure I am looking forward to ten hours alone with two kids in the van. (I will be driving Jael and Landon down after our closing on Friday morning. James will move most of our stuff out of the apt. Friday. James and Madyson are leaving in the truck after school lets out on Friday and staying the night in Atlanta then heading to Valrico on Saturday.)

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Anonymous said...

we're gonna be in Ga Friday night too!! Except I don't think we'll be close to Atlanta. :(