Thursday, October 11, 2007

God is awesome!!

Awesome is a word that we misuse I think. I was told as a child that it should be a word reserved for describing Him.

Fast forward to today and I heard my daughter use it recently to describe her feelings on something that she observed. That observation caused me to feel like I just jumped time as a child to today. It made me evaluate my life and where it is.

I have been blessed more than I could ever deserve. Anna is an "awesome" wife. Madyson, Jael, and Landon are "awesome" children. The grace that I have received after consistently making mistakes is "awesome". The sacrifices that my mother made for me growing up to put me and my brother first is "awesome". The success that has been thrust upon me in my career and friendships is "awesome".

Everyone of these items are gifts from God. When I describe them....I am describing God. If only I could express my feelings to Him when it matters....when He asks me to sacrifice or just trust Him.

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