Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We took Paco to the vet for his initial visit late last week and he was the envy of everyone there. They said he was in superb physical shape. The vet guess-timates his age to be about 3 months or so. Since he has all his baby teeth, he isn't quite four months old yet. She also reaffirmed our thoughts that there is no possible way he is a Aussie-Chihuahua mix. Her best guess is an Aussie-Hound mix, which I would have to agree with...he definitely has the face of an Aussie and the howl of a Tennessee Hound Dog.

Despite the fact that he has already "teethed" on my wooden coffee table, chewed on several shoes and toys, and had countless "accidents" in my kitchen, we know we have a great dog in our new puppy.

The kids just love him...and so do James and I...who couldn't love that face!!! I could, however, do without the 2 am howls and daily kitch clean ups. (We have quickly learned to keep shoes and toys out of harms way!) The good news for me is since I had "night duty" with all three children, it is now James' turn to enjoy some interrupted sleep!!!

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