Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Party Kicked Ba-hoo-kay

Martial Arts America generously gives one free birthday party to all their leadership members. And boy did we ever have a blast!!! Sure, Madyson wishes all her Florida friends could have shared this special day with her, but having her new K-ville friends present was a gift from God. Mister Butturini graciously gave an hour and a half of his Saturday to help celebrate Madyson's special day. He also gave her a much loved TROPHY!!!
Here is a group picture of everyone. They had a blast doing karate and karate games as well as eating cake and opening gifts. Some of her gifts included: sparing gear, belt display, and martial arts bag, a barbie, fairy stuff and arts and crafts items. She received some DVDs, toys and gift cards as well. However, one of her most treasured gifts was a sentiamental gift she received from Mrs. Colon's second grade class (plus Abbey and Miss Shanna) back at KACS: they each hand made her a card.

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