Saturday, March 8, 2008

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that we had the best snow of the year today!! It was gorgeous. I must of sat there and just watched it snow for about 30minutes and then went outside to capture the moment on film. Can you tell I've been in Florida way too long!?! Well, we aren't in Brandon anymore:

Now, of course, the stuff doesn't stick or collect on the ground...but that is a good thing, right?

Now for the bad's more disappointing news: The Winter Jam concert that James was going to take Mady to had to be cancelled. Apparently the bands are snowed in up in Indiana!! Mady was ultra-bummed because she has been waiting since OCTOBER for this Barlow Girl concert. (They actually aren't the lead band, Mercy Me is, but BG is her FAV right now. She owns both the CDs and they stay on repeat unless J cons her into changing it to "Bob music", ie VeggieTales, or the "Tricia CD", a mix CD from the know who you are!)

But, as a peace offering, James took M to see "The Spiderwick Chronicles", a children's movie I've heard is similar in style to "Bridge to Teribethia" and "Narnia". I will have her say if she liked it or not.

As for the concert, Madyson really hopes they reschedule it, but I just don't know...

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