Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pray for Paco

Paco and Pepper both managed to run off this morning during their "morning outing". We managed to retrieve Pepper in a timely fashion, quite dirty, but unharmed. Paco was not so lucky. I got a phone call in the middle of church service from a gentleman claiming his neighbor's pit bull had attacked Paco. At that exact moment James walked into church. (He had spent the better half of two hours looking for him.) He took the phone and got all the details. The gentleman graciously brought Paco to him at the front of the sanctuary and James took him to the local ER vet. After service ended, I got a call from James saying it looked like mainly puncture wounds and topical lacerations from the doesn't appear that he has any broken bones, however, he is limping on his hind legs.

They are going to give Paco some anestesia and medication while they suture up the wounds, do some x-rays, and give him time to heal. Depending on how he fares, they may want to keep him overnight for observation. Please pray that there is no permanent damage and that the owner of the pit bull takes responsibility for his dog's actions...simply knowing that is his dog MAY attack another animal or worse, a child. We are not looking to recoup any financial damage, however, if this were to happen again to another dog, or person, I would feel horrible for having kept quiet about it.

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You have our thoughts and prayers.