Saturday, March 15, 2008


Here are a few pictures of Paco. We all went to visit him today at the vet and he is doing much better. He is still in some pain and still has not quite remastered control of his loose bowels. If you can see, under the tail was the worst part of his numerous injuries. Also, notice the nice puncture wound on his right hip area...I don't envy this dog right now.
Poor puppy. He wanted to come home with us so badly...he "jumped" for joy, wagging his tail and pacing frantically in his crate when we walked in and wimpering like a hurt pup as we put in him back in his crate and turned to leave. (No pun intended there, by the way.) He is in a nice double crate and he is walked at least five times daily. They treat him like a prince and they all think he is the sweetest dog.
Personally, I think he will be much, MUCH happier once they take that silly cone off his head. But, until his wounds are healed, it has to stay on. The doc wants to remove the sutures sometime mid to late week. So, odds are, he will be staying there through Easter. We really hope to take him home next Monday. We also pray that no permanent injuries were obtained.

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Randy, Laci, and Ella Strickland said...

Poor boy- that cone is probably driving him crazy!! I'm glad to hear he is getting better, I know you will be happy to have him back home :)