Friday, March 14, 2008

Short update

Several people have inquired as to Paco's recovery, so here goes: he is still staying at the vet's, but he is doing remarkably better. He still has a long road to hopeful recovery. He began shedding earlier this week, which the good doc thinks is stress related...I can only imagine! He has a pain patch on some of the more severe bite marks and is still on some medications, too. We will try and go see him as a family tomorrow...I think he would like that. Hopefully he can come home soon...however we will be boarding him again for our trip to Alabama, so we may decide to simply leave him there. I guess it all depends on when he is in the clear.

James has gone to visit him on his lunch break and on his way home from work almost everyday this week. James says he really enjoys the visits and feels bad they last for only for about 5 minutes. Since he is more "Paco-like" now, I think the kids could take seeing him. I'll let you know how it goes...maybe even take a picture or two if the wounds don't look too bad. Oh, the "scrapper" in me is never off duty!

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The Nassars said...

the girls at the animal hospital that Bella was in said the visits Steph made every day to Bella definitely helped in her getting better...