Sunday, April 13, 2008

From Sunburns to Snowstorms

The Council family spent Saturday afternoon in the front yard fixing up the beds. We weeded and laid a brick border around the mailbox before planting a few bulbs and throwing some wildflower seeds. We then weeded and planted in the bed in front of our living room window. We girls all got a little too much sun on our shoulders and James burned the back of his neck and his forehead. Now, lucky us, it's supposed to freeze tonight, snow tomorrow, and freeze again tomorrow night. We'll see how it all turns out.

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marsha said...

Lovely photos, I can't wait to plant a garden. It's suppose to get into the 90s here in Arizona this week.

sarahjane said...

the mailbox garden looks great. and it's nice to see that Lando has a lifetime warranty.

Randy, Laci, and Ella Strickland said...

You guys and the Cannons are making me feel like I need a mailbox garden, too!! Peer pressure! lol!
Laci :)

Jason Ebeling said...

Where'd you get that border around Landon?